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The company expanded scale, recruit virtuous, long-term recruiting for the following positions, the majority of people with lofty ideals to join Yong Yue:

A freight operation (several)
1. A maritime operations experience, familiar with foreign trade and freight forwarding business operation process, an independent customs, making documents, complete the process, a good foundation in English.
2. dedication, cheerful, with a service intended and team spirit, good professional and ethical standards.
3. According to the goods shipped timely communication and customer
4. communicate with customers able to handle all types of emergencies 5. A vote in the end

Second, cargo sales (Several)
1, responsible for the company's freight forwarding business marketing;
2, the development and maintenance of corporate clients;
3. The daily telephone contact customers, maintain good relations;
4, is responsible for the development and management of transport channels;
5, involved in the transport of business operations.

Third, the purchasing agent (a number)
1. There are certain purchases or trade business experience;
2. Have good communication skills, honesty, strong sense of responsibility;
3. Skilled on-line search, there is a strong skill to find online.
4. Good communication skills in English, familiar with business negotiations, can be hard.
5. Find the domestic supply manufacturers, to help foreign customers with the signing of the product purchase and sales contracts, and product quality, delivery period of tracking.
6. Foreign reception, arrange factory visits of foreign business negotiations.

Fourth, the Department of imports (of several)
1. And commissioned customer contact, familiar with all aspects of foreign trade business processes of convergence and ensure the successful completion of the business.
2. College and higher education, international trade, logistics related professional, more than a year of work experience in related fields, English language
3. Familiar import declaration process and import delivery service processes can be completed independently import business;
4. There are special products import clearance experience is preferred, such as dangerous goods, food, aquatic products
5. Work seriously, meticulous, responsible, with strong communication skills.
6. There are customs declaration certificates and inspection staff certificates better.

V. Financial (several)
1. Responsible for accounts payable and receivable and finance-related work;
2. responsible, diligent, digital sensitive;
3. accounting certificate, relevant work experience is preferred;

Note: There are individual jobs are not logged, please call the following contacts, asking specific circumstances.

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