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                                  The Speech Of General Manager

                                                        ---Form Yiwu Yorda International Logistics Co.,LTD.
Dear friends:

First of all, on behalf of the company, I wish to extend my sincere greetings to all of you and invite interested parties to join us together sincerely. I believe, YORDA will be more exciting because of your joining,and you will also be more confident with our support! Let us adher to the philosophy of cooperation with "mutual benefit and win-win, to serve the society", realizing the dream between you and me,and also YORDA itself.
    YORDA ,since its inception, has always been regarded as a new star in the international logistics industry by the customers. Our company has absorbed and trained a high performance team with young and promising, forge ahead in unity, positive enterprising, and they offer good service and guide the work for customers through their professional business level and focusing on business spirit.
    YORDA is a big family with warm culture and staff caring. Our company has always advocated "work and live happily", to give people a warm and comfortable home environment and working atmosphere of unity and fraternity. At the same time, thanks to all my YORDA families giving support and more attentions on the beginning of our enterprise, and also will thank all customer friends who offered help and friendly corperated,.I am sure that with your testimony and the concomitant, YORDA will walk more and more far, fly higher and higher!
   Growth is a stage of any enterprise and individual. The so-called growth, it is like a process of eagle transformation, this process may be a life and death contest. However, you must learn to persevere and to enjoy, because success stems from the belief of never give up. But I want to see a new you full with sharp, fierce and tenacious just like the eagle transformation! Therefore, I admire those braves who dare to accept the challenge, dare to break through themselves, even dare to challenge the fate. If you are the one of them, YORDA will open arms to welcome your arrival with the strong platform.
    Finally, I promise: anyone who shares a common fate with us, and we will also offer you more progress of development. Choose YORDA, will be a run-up person of your life and dream. YORDA's platform can offer you to use at any time, as long as you have the ability, you can ride and soar whatever you like!

                                                                                  -----General Manager     Allen