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Product name: Red Wine

Product Code: 2204210000

Customs control: statutory inspection

Tariff: 14%    VAT 17%     consumption tax: 10%

Declare elements:

1: Name (Chinese and English Name); 2: processing method (made from fresh grapes); 3: Alcohol; 4: Level; 5: Year ; 6: producing area(Chinese and English Name ); 7: Winery name (Chinese and English name); 8: grape varieties (Chinese and English name); 9: packing (packing unit × number of units per carton); 10: brand (Chinese and English name);

Required documents:

1. The bill of lading

2. Contract

3. Invoice

4. Packing list

5 .The sanitary certificate issued by the foreign offical

6. The certificate of origin issued by the foreign official

7. The component content test report

8.Providing the original declaration of non-wood or a wood must provide fumigation certificate

9. The original label and Chinese label

10. The bottleing date

11. The consignee and shipper’s inspection record number