Export tax rebate
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  • The general procedure
  • Materials included
       1.Declarations. Declarations are imported or exported goods import and export business to the customs declaration formalities for customs clearance and by virtue of the identification and fill out documents.
       2.Export sales invoices. This is based on the export enterprises and export sales contract signed by the buyer to fill open the document, is the main buyer of foreign credentials, but also by virtue of the accounting department of export enterprises Export sales revenue accounting basis.
       3.Purchase invoice. Provide purchase invoice main export products in order to determine supply unit, product name, unit of measure, quantity, whether it is the production company of the sales price to calculate and determine the division and its purchase costs.
       4.Water bill or foreign exchange settlement notice.
       5.Belong producers exported directly or entrust the export homemade products, where to CIF CIF settlement should be accompanied AWB exports and export insurance.
       6.There feed processing export products business enterprises, should be submitted to the tax authorities of imported materials, parts contract number, the date, the name of the imported materials, the number of re-exports of the product name, the amount of feed costs and the real satisfaction of various taxes amount.
       7.Product tax certificate.
       8.Verification of export proceeds have been proven.
       9.Other materials relating to the export tax rebate.