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     Yorda Logistic  is committed to meet the domestic and foreign buyers Buying a lot of demand and commissioned procurement needs, and rely on years of accumulated packaging, textile, plastic, electronic products, general merchandise categories such as tens of thousands of strategic suppliers of resources provide convenient purchasing agent services for buyers. At the same time, by working closely with outstanding supply companies, channel business, the Logistics will provide customers a full range of product testing and quality control services and integrated procurement cost optimization of the overall solution.

Vietnam Logistics has a sound organizational structure and management system, with service team consists of skilled customer service, purchasing, quality control and other senior staff and employees regularly conduct business training, development training, to create a purchase experience sense of service outstanding team, has the ability to offer to find goods (buying agent) for buyers, with passengers procurement, sample custom, factory orders, the factory with a single, product testing, product collection of goods, warehousing, logistics, transportation, etc. services.

Since its inception, changing concepts, improve working methods, improve work efficiency, reduce customer financial pressure, reduce financial risk and solve difficult problems in the procurement process, and ultimately buyers to maximize profits for the goal, so as to buyers provide and create greater profit margins, has won numerous customer's trust and praise.

Product Information
Customers can provide the necessary product information, I will be efficient and accurate

collection of Yiwu market related products and suppliers of information back to the client,

to ensure that customers understand the market information anytime, anywhere, to grasp the

business opportunities.
Accompanied Order
The company arranged to provide you with highly qualified buyers shopping guide Zhejiang

Province, professional presentation on the market humanities, price of products,

procurement services and laborers responsible for your affairs, so that customers can

easily purchase products, more customers save valuable time.
Orders signed
Generation based on customer purchase orders or requirements you place on your behalf to

negotiate with suppliers price / quality procurement services, as an effective bridge

between you and the supplier to communicate with each other manufacturers.
Order Tracking
Supervision and suppliers of goods to complete customer details on the requirements,

change and change, and ensure the finished products meet the customer's purchasing

requirements, accurately grasp the delivery period to allow customers to easily and timely

procurement of necessary goods.
Cargo inspection
Quality is important to examine the goods and services of the company. We have experienced

officers seized goods, they will provide you with strict quality control, to avoid customers

in international trade because of the quality or quantity problems unnecessary losses.
Product Packaging
Clients in the procurement process will often encounter trouble packing inconsistent or

need to add their own packaging requirements of customers, our staff can provide packaging

services based on customer requirements.
Customers for bulk purchases of foreign goods or new products, samples, our company will

choose the right supplier in the fastest time for proofing products; relaxed an indication

of which you can have your ideal price or new products.
Make payment by
The company's financial staff in the customer's procurement process at any time in the

procurement statistics, accounting, allowing customers to be aware of in the procurement

and payment to avoid errors in a busy procurement and losses; after the end of procurement

operations, and financial officers will punctual payment to the supplier.
Loan guarantees
In the "mutual benefit and common development" on the basis of cooperation, can in some

ways to provide loan guarantees, effectively help customers improve cash flow time.
New Development
We provide you with the latest market trends, so that your products meet the consumer

market in different regions, so your market filled with new styles, new atmosphere, unique among one in the regional market.